New beginnings

It's all about who you are

Life is strange

Some times I feel crazy, and then I think I am if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be me.


Thanksgiving, it’s a funny thing how a word covers up how the truth about how things went to bring about the Holliday. A hole race that was almost wiped out because of it. I feel bad to celebrate it even know I have from the day I was born. I celebrate the very thing that killed my ancestors. I think I look at it in a different way now that I’m older and see it as more then just food and fun. I see that even know so many people died to bring about Thanksgiving I am still blessed to have the blood I have running through my vanes and for that and the way I see life and how we are connected to everything around us I am Truly Thankful.

I love nature

I love nature


Very good Question. Let me think about that.

my beautiful mom

ive never thought i would be here sitting in a hosptial with my mother. i know thats a dumb thing to think but she is so strong. shes alwayys been here for me i could be mean to her and she would still look at me with so much love. she is my mom yes but a true best friend.


i try not to stress but somethings in life force you to. I know theres nothing you an really do about most of it so why put yourself through it? the answer is sill out there. so with that said im going to try and find things to do till the stress is over, or till a new stress comes about 

the girl next-door

ive always wanted to be more then i am,but maybe im all that i should be. im there for people when they need me and try not to think of myself. i try to be good at everything i do. i do wish i went to school to be a phychologist. i see things deforent from others i remember things that others would just look over. ive been this way since i can remember. i feel so much deeper then some of the people around me. people come to me for help all the time and i try my best to lead them the right way. but some times i feel lost  alone. like am i the only person the sees and feels like me,is there anyone out there that feels the same as me?

This is just some of the beauty I see behind my camera

This is just some of the beauty I see behind my camera